A professional speaker for a broad range of conferences and events, covering all areas of marketing and strategy.

I offer professional speaking services for conferences, exhibitions, events and seminars…

I speak at a broad range of events covering all areas of marketing strategy, brand and implementation.

I’ve spoken on a broad range of topics including the future of social media, digital marketing and packaging design. I also cover strategy and brand as well as all areas of digital marketing, including blogging, email marketing, seo and social media.

My tone and delivery style quickly adapt to appeal to a broad range of audiences from different backgrounds from University students to board room executives.

Recently I was invited to speak at the Grow Online Digital Masterclass delivered in partnership by BIPC Newcastle and NBSL. I’ve also had the pleasure of addressing university students working on entrepreneurship, ambitious startups and entrepreneurs with high growth aspirations.

I’m often invited to speak at national trade show and conference events.


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